The XL Release planner allows you to use an interactive Gantt chart to view and edit the timing of the phases and tasks in a release or template. The Gantt chart is a combined timeline of the template or release, its phases, and the tasks within.

To access in the planner in XL Release 5.0.0 or later, click Planner at the top of the release flow page. In earlier versions of XL Release, select Planner from the Show menu.

Planner: phases overview

Tasks are executed in sequential order within a phase. Therefore, in the example below, Task 2 will not start until Task 1 is complete, as indicated by the line that connects them.

Planner: default sequence

Editing tasks and phases in the planner

When editing a task or a phase in the planner, you can:

  • Move it by dragging it to a new position
  • Set its duration by dragging its right edge
  • Set its scheduled start date by dragging its left edge
  • Alternatively, set the dates and duration by clicking Show dates and then setting them explicitly

Planner: sequence with start and dates

When you set the scheduled start date or duration of a task, the planner will automatically adjust subsequent tasks in the same phase. For more information about dates and durations, refer to Scheduling releases

Tip: Double-click a task in the planner to open its detail view.