Removed in:
XL Release 5.0.0

In a release, select Release summary from the Show menu to go to the release summary page, where you can see an overview of the current release.

Note: In XL Release 5.0.0, the release summary is replaced by the release dashboard.


The Timeline section shows a timeline of the release. The complete timeline appears in orange, with lines indicating the phases within it. The current phase and currently active tasks appear below the timeline.

Release Summary Timeline

The timeline start and end dates appear as follows:

  • If an item has not started, its scheduled start date and due date appear.
  • If an item is complete, the actual start and end dates appear.
  • If an item is in progress, the start date that appears is the actual start date. If the item is on schedule and the scheduled start date is after the current date, then the end date is the scheduled start date. Otherwise, the end date is the current date.

Release dependencies

If the release depends on other releases (as specified on a gate task), then they appear above the release in the timeline, under Depends On.

If other releases depend on this release, then they appear below the release in the timeline, under Blocks.

Task overview

The Task overview section shows upcoming tasks, tasks that are currently active, and tasks that need to be done. You can view the task overview for teams or for users.

Release Summary Task overview


The Alerts section shows release warnings.

Release Summary Task overview

There are several types of warnings:

  • Status flags shows flags that have been manually set on the release or on a task to indicate that the release needs attention or is at risk
  • Dependencies shows alerts for dependent releases that are not finished
  • Delays shows all active and planned tasks that have a due date in the past