As of XL Release version 7.6.0, you can manage your XL Release plugins directly from the XL Release user interface. The plugin manager displays the list of installed plugins and their current version. With the plugin manager you can upload a new plugin or a new version of an installed plugin directly from the user interface.

Important: The plugin manager is available only in a standalone mode and is not functional in cluster mode.

To use the plugin manager, click Plugins in the top menu bar.

You can view a list of all the currently plugins installed in XL Release.


To upload a new plugin or a new version of an existing plugin, click Upload new plugin file and select a file. The plugin files are saved in XL_RELEASE_SERVER_HOME/plugins.

Note: After you upload a plugin, ensure you restart your XL Release instance.

As of XL Release version 8.0.0, the Browse tab in the Plugins section from the menu bar shows all the official plugins available for XL Release. You can install any plugin by clicking Install. You must restart XL Release to enable the newly installed plugins.

Configure proxy for plugin manager

If the XL Release server uses a proxy to connect to the internet, the plugin manager cannot install a plugin from the GUI. The plugin manager must access the URL to fetch the plugins.

To configure the proxy settings for the plugin manager, add this to the conf/xl-release.conf file:

xl {
  database {
  reporting {
  features.plugins.servers.xebialabs-plugins.proxy {
                host = ""
                port = 8888
                username = "user"
                password = "password"