To start the XL Release server, open a command prompt or terminal, go to the XL_RELEASE_SERVER_HOME/bin directory, and execute the appropriate command:

Operating system Command
Microsoft Windows run.cmd
Unix-based systems

Start XL Release in the background

To run the XL Release server as a background process on a Unix system, use:

nohup bin/ &

Alternatively, in XL Release 5.0.0 and later, you can install XL Release as a service on a Unix-based or on a Microsoft Windows-based system.

If you have installed XL Release as a service, you must ensure that the XL Release server is configured so that it can start without user interaction. For example, the server should not require a password for the encryption key that protects passwords in the repository. Alternatively, you can store the password in the XL_RELEASE_SERVER_HOME/conf/xl-release-server.conf file as follows:


XL Release will encrypt the password when you start the server.

Server options

Start the server with the -h flag to see the options it supports. They are:

Option Description
-force-upgrades Forces the execution of upgrades at XL Release startup. This option is supported in XL Release 7.5.x and later.
-repository-keystore-password VAL Identifies the password to use to access the repository keystore. If not specified and the repository keystore does require a password, XL Release will prompt you for it.
-reinitialize Reinitialize the repository. Used only in conjunction with -setup.
Note: This flag only works for XL Release 7.2 or earlier and if XL Release is running on the filesystem repository. It does not work when you have configured XL Release to run against a database.
-setup Runs the XL Release setup wizard.
-setup-defaults VAL Specifies a file that contains default values for configuration properties set in the setup wizard.

Tip: Any options you want to give the XL Release server when it starts can be specified in the XL_RELEASE_SERVER_OPTS environment variable.