This topic describes the functionality provided by the XL Release Octopus Deploy Integration.

See the XL Release reference manual for background information on XL Release and release orchestration concepts.


The Octopus Deploy plugin is used to create releases and trigger deployments on Octopus Deploy through the XL Release platform.

Octopus Demo


  • XL Release 7.5+


  1. Copy the latest JAR file from the XebiaLabs Distribution Site into the XL_RELEASE_SERVER/plugins/xlr-official directory.
  2. Restart the XL Release server.


Create Releases

Release creation requires specifying an Octopus server and project, and allows optionally specifying the newly created version number, release notes to be included with the release, specific package versions, and an Octopus Deploy release channel.

Create Release


Deployments require an Octopus server, project name, release name, and environment name.


Deprecated Tasks

There are four additional deprecated task choices included for backwards compatibility. Although they still function for their purposes (fetching project, environment IDs, package, and version information), they are now built into the release creation and deployment tasks. These tasks can be ignored by new users.

Release notes

XL Release Octopus Deploy 8.6.0

  • XLINT-480 Fixed 404 error message when a project has a space in its name

XL Release Octopus Deploy 8.5.0

  • Added compatibility with XL Release 8.5.0