The Jenkins task allows you to run a Jenkins job that is triggered when the task becomes active. The task will complete when the job completes successfully on the Jenkins server; otherwise, the task will fail.

Jenkins task details

The options for the Jenkins task are:

Option Description
Server The Jenkins server to which XL Release connects. You can configure Jenkins servers in Settings > Shared configuration (Settings > Configuration prior to XL Release 6.0.0).
Username Optional user name to use when connecting to the Jenkins server. Use this property to override the user that was configured on the Jenkins server.
Password Optional password to use when connecting to the Jenkins server. Use this property to override the password that was configured on the Jenkins server.
Job Name The name of the job that will be triggered. This job must be configured on the Jenkins server. If the job is located in one or more Jenkins folders, add a job segment between each folder. For example, for a job that is located at Applications/web/my portal, use Applications/job/web/job/my portal.
Job Parameters If the Jenkins job expects parameters, you can provide them, one parameter per line. The names and values of the parameters are separated by the first = character.

The output properties of the task are Build Number and the Build Status. They can be stored in a variable of choice; in the example above, they are stored in the ${buildNumber} and ${buildStatus} release variables.

In the release flow editor, Jenkins tasks have a blue border.

For more information about using Jenkins with XL Release, see Using the XL Release plugin for Jenkins.

Change the poll interval

XL Release will schedule the execution of the scripts and poll for the availability of a resource according to a configurable interval. The default poll interval is 5 seconds. You can change this behavior by configuring the interval in the XL_RELEASE_SERVER_HOME/conf/xl-release.conf file. See the configuration options for using scripts.

Note: Changing the default polling interval will affect all custom script tasks, including the Jenkins task.