In XL Release, you can restrict access to certain task types based on a user’s role. To configure task access, select Settings > Task access from the top menu.

Users that don’t have access to a certain task type will not be able to add or edit these tasks when viewing a template or a release. When viewing the release, restricted tasks will be read-only. However, these tasks are executed by XL Release as any other task when the release is running.

Task access

For each Task type, you can either:

  • Select Available for all users if all users should be able to create or edit tasks of that type
  • Specify the roles that have access to the task type under Restricted to roles

If you clear the Available for all users option and you do not add any roles, the task type will be unavailable to all users except those who have the admin permission.

Click Save to apply your changes. To discard your changes without saving, click Reset.