XL Release sends notifications to users of the system by email. To configure the email server that is used to send notifications, select Settings > SMTP server from the top menu. The SMTP server page is only available to users who have the Admin global permission.

SMTP server

Host is used to specify the internet address of the mail server, followed by the Port it is listening on. Consult your system administrator on the values to use and whether to use TLS to secure the connection.

Most SMTP servers require authentication. Use the Username and Password fields to set the credentials of the user that will connect. The From Address is the sender address that is used in the emails. People will receive emails on behalf of this user. You must enter a valid email address, but you can add a name by using the following syntax: Full name <name@example.com>. Note that some mail servers will ignore this setting and set the authenticated user as the sender of the emails.

Click Send test notification to send a test email to the email addresses specified in the Test Address field. To send the test email to multiple email addresses, specify the test addresses separated by commas. If the specified information is correct, an email is sent confirming the test connection was successful.

Click Save to apply your changes.