XL Release has a role-based security system with two types of users:

You assign internal users, external users, and external user groups to roles, which determine the global permissions that they have. The technical term for a user or group that is assigned to a role is a principal.

To configure roles, select User management > Roles from the top menu. The Roles page is only available to users who have the Admin or Edit Security global permission.

Note: Prior to XL Release 6.0.0, select Settings > Roles.


In this example, the users john and mary have the Administrators role, while all users in the all-here group are members of the Users role.

You can give a role any name you want; there are no predefined role names.


  • Add a new role, click New role
  • Delete a role, click the X next to it
  • Change the name of a role, click it
  • Add a principal to a role, type the name and press ENTER

Note: To filter the lists of roles or principals, click in one of the search boxes and type the assigned role or principal you want to find.

Click Save to apply your changes. Click Reset to discard your changes and reload the current settings from the server.