XL Release includes fine-grained access control that ensures the security of your releases. In XL Release, you assign internal and external users to roles that determine the global permissions that they have. Global permissions apply across the entire XL Release system.

To configure permissions for roles, select User management > Permissions from the top bar. The Permissions page is only available to users who have the Admin or Edit Security global permission.

Note: Prior to XL Release 6.0.0, select Settings > Permissions.


The following global permissions are available:

Permission Description
Admin All permissions
Edit security Access to the Roles and Permissions pages and permission to edit security on releases and templates
Create template Create a new template
Create release Create a release from any template; also see the Create Release template permission
View reports Review reports
Create dashboard Create, edit, or delete a custom dashboard
Edit global variables Edit global variables (available in XL Release 4.8.0 and later)
Create top level folders Create folders
Edit blackout period Create, edit, or delete a blackout period
Edit risk profile Create, edit, or delete a risk profile
Edit environment Create, edit or delete an environment. Permission is required to create stages and create environment labels.
Edit application Create, edit, or delete an application.
Edit environment reservation Access the scheduling pages, make a schedule, or reserve an environment.

Click Save to apply your changes. Click Reset to discard your changes and reload the current settings from the server.

Folder, template, and release permissions

In addition to global security, you can enforce security on the folder, template, and release level. For more information, refer to Configure release teams and permissions.