Valid since:
XL Release 4.8.0

You can change the type of a task in:

  • A template
  • A planned release that has not started yet
  • An active release, if the task that you want to change has not started yet

To change the type of a task in a template, you need the Edit Template permission on the template. To change the type of a task in a release, you need the Edit Task permission on the release.

To change a task’s type:

  1. Open the template or release in the release flow editor.
  2. Click Task action menu on the task you want to change.
  3. In the menu, hover over Change type.
  4. Select the desired task type.

    XL Release will copy the values of properties that are shared between the task’s previous type and the type that you selected.

Note that:

  • You cannot change the type of an active, completed, failed, or skipped task.
  • You can change a task to a Parallel or Sequential Group, but you cannot change a Parallel or Sequential Group to a different type of task.