XL Release includes several release planning and management views to meet the needs of everyone who participates in the release process:

  • The release overview provides a complete overview of all the releases that you have permission to view. All planned, active (including in progress, paused, failing, or failed), or completed (including aborted) releases are displayed.

  • The pipeline view provides an overview of all active releases. It indicates the phase that each release is in and the tasks that are currently active. (XL Release 6.2.0 and earlier)

  • The release flow editor shows the phases and tasks in a template or release. This is the primary interface for adding, editing, moving, and grouping tasks.

  • The release dashboard report shows information about active releases that have been flagged and important data from the XL Release archive database.

  • Table view shows the phases and tasks in a template or release in a tabular format that you can sort by properties such as task type, due date, and assignee (available in XL Release 5.0.0 and later).

  • The release planner is an interactive Gantt chart that shows the timing of phases and tasks in a release.

  • The Releasefile view shows the current template in Releasefile format.