In XL Release 8.6.1 and later it is possible to create system messages which are displayed under the menu bar. This can be useful in several scenarios, including:

  • When there is a maintenance window planned.
  • If you want to share system messages with all your users.

This message is only configurable by users with admin permission in XL Release.


To configure this message:

  1. Click the cog icon at the top right of the screen cog icon and select Configure system message.
  2. Select Enable system message to turn on the message for all users.
  3. Add a message, including formatting in the editor if needed.
  4. Click Save. The message will now be visible for any users.

You can also schedule messages to run for a period of time. To do this, in the System message window:

  1. Select Automatically enable/disable system message.
  2. The Start date/End date fields will become visible.
  3. Select Set date for the start and end, and set a date and time to begin and end the message visibility.
  4. Save the message. It will now be visible for the time period defined.