The activity log shows everything that happens in a release. It provides an audit trail of who did what, and when. To open the activity log, select Activity logs from the Show menu.

This is an example of an activity log:

Activity Log

Filtering the activity logs

To filter the activity logs, click Filter categories and select:

  • Important to show the most important events of all other categories (such as release started and task failed); by default, only this category is selected
  • Release life cycle to show events for the start and end of a release, phases, and tasks
  • Release edits to show changes that were made to a release or a template
  • Task edits to show changes that were made to a single task
  • Task assignment to show events where a task was assigned to a user
  • Comments to show events where a comment was added to a task
  • Security to show changes that were made to the release security settings

To filter on a user or action, use the Filter by user or action box.

To filter on dates, use the From and To options.

Tip: You can sort the activity logs by clicking the Date column header.