If you add, remove, or update an XL Deploy plugin or extension, you must synchronize XL Deploy with satellite servers before performing a deployment.

Before XL Deploy executes a deployment plan on a satellite, it checks if any plugins are missing or are out-of-date. If any are, XL Deploy stops the deployment, and you must synchronize the satellite before continuing.

Synchronized elements

The following folders will be synchronized:

  • Plugins and other files in the plugins folder
  • Extensions and other files in the ext folder
  • Hotfixes and other files in the hotfix/plugins folder

When determining the difference between the satellite and the XL Deploy server, name changes and content changes are also analyzed. When XL Deploy detects a change, it re-uploads the entire folder.


  • The hotfix/lib folder is not synchronized.
  • Manually placing files on the satellite is not recommended. XL Deploy will delete such files during the next synchronization.

Synchronize a satellite server

Before synchronizing a satellite server:

  1. Ensure that the XL Deploy server can boot with the currently installed plugins and extensions. Synchronizing a broken setup can result in a broken satellite.
  2. Ensure that there is at least one file to synchronize in each of the folders. If there are no files on the XL Deploy server, the synchronization of that folder is skipped.

To synchronize a satellite server:

  1. In the left pane, expand Infrastructure.
  2. Select the satellite, click Explorer action menu, and click Sync plugins or right-click the satellite and click Sync plugins.

    Note: You can also double-click the satellite to view the summary page and click Sync plugins. XL Deploy will start synchronizing plugins immediately, using default values for the Max attempts and Delay options below.

    Before synchronizing, the satellite will wait for all executing tasks to complete. It will then synchronize and restart. For more information, see Restart process of XL Satellite.

  3. In the Max Attempts field, enter the number of times that XL Deploy should attempt to ping the satellite.
  4. In the Delay field, enter the number of seconds that XL Deploy should wait between attempts to ping the satellite.
  5. Click Continue, then click Execute.


    If XL Deploy finds files that need to be synchronized, it will synchronize them and then restart the satellite server. This is required to prevent issues with file locking. If nothing needs to be synchronized, the satellite will not be restarted.

The log of the first task shows how many plugins were synchronized.

Note: Satellite is an add-on module for XL Deploy. Please contact us for pricing information.