In the Configuration section of the CI Library, you can define one or more sets of credentials to be used with source artifacts. To define credentials, you must have admin global permissions. You can use the defined credentials to provide a username and password to any HTTP URL that requires authentication.

To create a credentials CI:

  1. In the top bar, click Explorer.
  2. Hover over Configuration, click Menu button, and select New > credentials > UsernamePasswordCredentials. Or you can right-click and select New > credentials > UsernamePasswordCredentials.
  3. In the Name field, enter a name for the credentials to use it throughout the system. Note: By using the name defaultNamedCredential, you can define a credentials server CI which is used in future defined source artifacts. For more information, see Default names for CIs in XL Deploy.
  4. In the Common section, in the Username and Password fields, enter the credentials you want to store.
  5. Click Save.

All the source artifacts (example: file.File) have the option to choose the credentials you want to use to retrieve the artifact. This option is available in the Common section of the artifact. By default, no credentials are selected if there is no defaultNamedCredential defined.

If you do not want to use credentials or you want to retrieve an artifact from a server that does not require credentials, remove the credentials selection from the CI.

Note: When you import a package from a URL, you can select a set of credentials to use.