The XL Deploy Generic plugin adds support for mail servers to XL Deploy. A mail server is a mail.SmtpServer configuration item (CI) defined under the Configuration root node.

A udm.Environment environment configuration item can have a reference to a mail server. If it does not have a reference, a default mail server named defaultSmtpServer will be used to send configured mails.

Using the mail server, configuration items such as the generic.ManualProcess can send mails notifying you of manual actions that need to be taken.

Here’s a CLI snippet showing how to create a mail server CI:

mailServer = factory.configurationItem("Configuration/MailServer","mail.SmtpServer") = ""
mailServer.username = "mymailuser"
mailServer.password = "secret"
mailServer.fromAddress = ""

The mail.SmtpServer uses Java Mail to send email. You can specify additional Java Mail properties in the smtpProperties attribute. Refer to the Javadoc for JavaMail for a list of all properties.

Configuring Transport Layer Security (TLS)

To configure the mail server to send emails using TLS, set the following property in the SMTP properties:

mailServer.smtpProperties = {}
mailServer.smtpProperties["mail.smtp.starttls.enable"] = "true"