XL Deploy allows you to schedule or reschedule a task for execution at a specified date in time. Using the default GUI, you can schedule or reschedule tasks that are in a PENDING or SCHEDULED state.

If you are performing an initial deployment, an update deployment, an undeployment, or a rollback and you want to schedule the execution of the task at a specific time:

  1. In the execution screen, click the arrow icon on the Deploy, Undeploy, or Rollback button and select Schedule.
  2. In the Schedule screen, select the date and time that you want to execute the task. Specify the time using your local timezone.
  3. Click Schedule.

Note You can also open and reschedule a task in PENDING state from the list of deployment tasks in Monitoring. To cancel the task from the Task Monitor, click Cancel task or close the tab. To force cancel a task, click Menu button and select Force cancel.

For more information about scheduling tasks in XL Deploy, refer to Understanding tasks in XL Deploy.