The XL Deploy Web Server plugin supports the deployment of web content and web server configuration to a web server.


  • Deploy to Apache and IHS web servers
  • Deploy and undeploy web server artifacts:
    • Web content (HTML pages, images, and so on)
    • Virtual host configuration
    • Any configuration fragment
  • Start, stop, and restart web servers as control tasks

Using the www.ApacheVirtualHost configuration item

The following is a manifest snippet that shows how web content and a virtual host can be included in a deployment package. The web content CI refers to a folder, html, included in the deployment package.

<udm.DeploymentPackage version="2.0" application="PetClinic-ear" >
    <jee.Ear name="PetClinic" file="PetClinic-2.0.ear" />
    <www.WebContent name="PetClnic-html" file="html" />
    <www.ApacheVirtualHostSpec name="PetClinic-vh">

Using the www.ApacheConfFragment configuration item

Defining a new fragment to deploy to the Apache configuration takes two steps:

  1. Defining the type of configuration fragment and its properties
  2. Supplying a template for the configuration fragment implementation, per default the script searches for DEPLOYIT_HOME/ext/www/apache/${deployed.type}.conf.ftl.


  1. Define an ApacheProxyPassSetting type in DEPLOYIT_HOME/ext/synthetic.xml:

     <type type="www.ApacheProxyPassSetting" extends="www.ApacheConfFragment" deployable-type="www.ApacheProxyPassSpec">
         <generate-deployable type="www.ApacheProxyPassSpec" extends="generic.Resource" />
         <property name="from" />
         <property name="to" />
         <property name="options" required="false" default="" />
         <property name="reverse" kind="boolean" required="false" default="false" />
  2. Create www.ApacheProxyPassSetting.conf.ftl in DEPLOYIT_HOME/ext/www/apache:

     --- start www.ApacheProxyPassSetting.conf.ftl ---
     ProxyPass ${deployed.from} ${} <#if (deployed.options?has_content)>${deployed.options}</#if>
     <#if (deployed.reverse)>
     ProxyPassReverse ${deployed.from} ${}
     --- end www.ApacheProxyPassSetting.conf.ftl ---