To ensure that the downtime of your application is limited, XL Deploy can stage artifacts (files) to target hosts before deploying the application. Staging is based on the artifact’s Checksum property, and requires that the plugin being used to deploy the artifact supports staging.

When staging is enabled, XL Deploy will copy all artifacts to the host before starting the deployment. After the deployment completes successfully, XL Deploy will clean up the staging directory.

If the application depends on other applications, XL Deploy will also stage the artifacts from the dependent applications (supported in XL Deploy 5.1.0 and later).

To enable staging on a host:

  1. Click Explorer in the top bar.
  2. Expand Infrastructure and double-click the host that you want to modify.
  3. Go to the Advanced tab and enter a directory path in the Staging Directory Path box.
  4. Click Save.

Tip: If you set a staging directory on a host but you do not see staging steps in the deployment plan, verify that the file.DeployedFile.copyDirectlyToTargetPath and file.DeployedFile.DeployedFolder properties in the XL_DEPLOY_SERVER_HOME/conf/ file are set to false (their default setting).

When a deployment fails to reach the target, you must skip the clean up staged files task before canceling the deployment. If the deployment is canceled without skipping the clean up staged files task, you can manually skip the task and click Continue.