Release Manual 8.0.x

    Upgrade instructions

    XL Deploy 8.0.0 ships with a new SQL database backend. For detailed instructions, refer to Migrate XL Deploy data storage to an SQL database.

    For upgrade instructions, refer to Upgrade XL Deploy.

    Important: If you plan to skip versions when you upgrade, ensure that you read the version-specific upgrade notes for each intermediate version. You may be required to perform manual actions as part of the upgrade.

    XL Deploy 8.0.14

    XL Deploy 8.0.14 release notes


    • [DEPL-14489] - Notifications are not sent when satellite is used

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-13287] - The first deployment preview after starting XL Deploy takes over a minute to generate
    • [DEPL-14166] - Files with encoding UTF-16 are not scanned for placeholders
    • [DEPL-14188] - Migration fails when values in XL_VERSION are null
    • [DEPL-14281] - Inconsistency of the undeploy steps in update deployment and undeployment
    • [DEPL-14365] - Database plugin does not sanitize properly when password contains symbols like *
    • [DEPL-14485] - ExecutionContext.getRepository() is NULL for a step, if the step is running in parallel with other containers (parallel-by-* Orchestration)
    • [DEPL-14510] - During the Azure AD setup with OIDC, XL Deploy cannot read the auth-oidc.conf file

    XL Deploy 8.0.13

    XL Deploy 8.0.13 release notes

    New features

    • [DEPL-14251] - Support custom archive extensions for scanning and replacing


    • [DEPL-14237] - Improved dragging and dropping time for large deployment packages and environments on the deployment windows

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-14175] - Improved performance of migrating large repositories
    • [DEPL-14303] - Increased the maximum number of expressions in a list during upgrade deployment with 600+ deployables
    • [DEPL-14325] - Fix mapping of validation errors in required deployments

    XL Deploy 8.0.12

    XL Deploy 8.0.12 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-14138] - Database plugin error when doing rollback
    • [DEPL-14190] - Licensed hosts

    XL Deploy 8.0.11

    XL Deploy 8.0.11 release notes

    New features

    • [DEPL-14139] - Use SECUREFILE for lob storage on Oracle


    • [DEPL-12695] - Allow tags to be set on a deployed container

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-13893] - Issue with placeholders scan on Kubernetes ConfigMap with Jenkins Packaging
    • [DEPL-13963] - AES Encryption Optimization (IV)
    • [DEPL-14018] - Archive migration does not start
    • [DEPL-14060] - Allow migration of JCR repository without DataStore
    • [DEPL-14121] - License counter issue
    • [DEPL-14136] - Deployment of windows.ServiceSpec fails with credentials issue
    • [DEPL-14162] - Deploying file.Folder throws NPE if server.mapping.override.deployed.fields.on.update is false

    XL Deploy 8.0.10

    XL Deploy 8.0.10 release notes

    New features

    • [DEPL-13723] - Security Fix for PowerShell

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-13450] - Package Retention Policy doesn't remove versions as expected
    • [DEPL-13854] - GUI Permission Issue when moving CIs to different folders
    • [DEPL-13859] - Allow for changing the artifact directory (via xl-deploy.conf) after first time setup
    • [DEPL-13955] - Migration issue with Oracle Database

    XL Deploy 8.0.9

    XL Deploy 8.0.9 release notes

    New features

    • [DEPL-13729] - Upgrading akka libraries newly found to be vulnerable

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-13304] - Investigate why two threads consume 50% CPU
    • [DEPL-13369] - Dictionary CI version history not migrated
    • [DEPL-13380] - Adding tags to a Configuration Item via UI & REST is buggy
    • [DEPL-13445] - WAS Ear deployment fails if FileUri is resolved using Maven coordinates
    • [DEPL-13564] - Non-admin users having discovery and repo#edit permission are not able to save discovered WAS items
    • [DEPL-13572] - Copy of artifact is not removed from work directory when package is created if using Maven coordinates in URI
    • [DEPL-13606] - Avoid leaking work directories for tasks (for instance on failure)
    • [DEPL-13672] - Not possible to search for roles using 'ctrl+F' under 'edit permission' because of on-the-fly loading
    • [DEPL-13727] - Deleting a referenced deployment package (message says it cannot be deleted) results in child artifacts being deleted
    • [DEPL-13743] - Update Backend Components/Libraries for security
    • [DEPL-13747] - Placeholder substitution in deployit.conf is broken

    XL Deploy 8.0.8

    XL Deploy 8.0.8 release notes

    New features

    • [DEPL-13410] - Allow Discovery to run as privileged in View As Mode


    • [DEPL-13354] - Fix migrator uninstaller scripts on Windows
    • [DEPL-13480] - Preview orchestration in Pre-Plan

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-12690] - IIS Security Issue
    • [DEPL-13014] - Getting error "invalid range" during 2nd deployment with dependencies
    • [DEPL-13375] - XL Deploy Remember Me Logout Issue
    • [DEPL-13377] - Enable authentication logging in new UX
    • [DEPL-13412] - Garbage Collector job throws backend exception
    • [DEPL-13437] - XL Deploy treating placeholder substitution differently with a fileUri based on Nexus and Maven
    • [DEPL-13447] - [IE] Impossible to choose specific deployed type during mapping
    • [DEPL-13448] - "Remember me" feature does not work well with LDAP
    • [DEPL-13477] - User/Role unable to login after deleting a CI
    • [DEPL-13528] - PowerShell Security Issue

    XL Deploy 8.0.7

    XL Deploy 8.0.7 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-13269] - Can't rollback or cancel update deployments when provisioning to AWS
    • [DEPL-13393] - Zip Slip Vulnerability Protection

    XL Deploy 8.0.5

    XL Deploy 8.0.5 release notes

    New features

    • [DEPL-10714] - Support filtering on Roles and Global Permissions screens
    • [DEPL-13352] - Improve XL Deploy Server Startup Time

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-10903] - XL Deploy shows completed blocks as disconnected when Satellite is gone
    • [DEPL-13232] - Copy and paste from HTML GUI doesn't work in Internet Explorer 11
    • [DEPL-13269] - Can't rollback or cancel deployment task when provisioning to AWS
    • [DEPL-13362] - Migrating artifacts to db or file system doesn't change migration behavior
    • [DEPL-13366] - jee.Ear deployable migrated from JCR 603 to MSSQL 8.0.4 can't be edited.
    • [DEPL-13369] - Dictionary CI version history not migrated

    XL Deploy 8.0.4

    XL Deploy 8.0.4 release notes


    • [DEPL-13321] - Improve Login Performance by Optimizing /api/metadata Endpoint
    • [DEPL-13337] - Improve performance of processing of type system after login
    • [DEPL-13338] - Improve Login performance by loading and processing global permission data when opening the relevant tab

    XL Deploy 8.0.3

    XL Deploy 8.0.3 release notes


    • [DEPL-13322] - Improve Login Speed by Using Browser Cache

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-13149] - Re-deployment getting triggered while packages have the same checksum
    • [DEPL-13159] - Task fails when using Satellite both directly and in a Satellite Group
    • [DEPL-13289] - Pipeline performance is too slow for large data sets

    XL Deploy 8.0.2

    XL Deploy 8.0.2 release notes

    New features

    • [DEPL-13278] - Make Roles & Permission Screen Scalable for Customers with 1000+ Roles


    • [DEPL-13178] - Improve logging for placeholder replacement

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-13221] - Calculated checksum found different for same zip file in 7.0.0 Vs 7.5.2 or 8.0.0
    • [DEPL-13260] - Checksum same even if a JAR file in two zip files are different
    • [DEPL-13280] - Deployment Report filtering very slow
    • [DEPL-13288] - FileNotFoundException on artifact access after migration

    XL Deploy 8.0.1

    XL Deploy 8.0.1 release notes


    • [DEPL-13158] - Make JCR to SQL Migration restartable
    • [DEPL-13213] - Log more information for satellite groups upon selection
    • [DEPL-13250] - Continue migration after encountering failed property values

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-12543] - Queue Destination dropdown shows no results in HTML UI when setting an embedded CI on the deployment mapping
    • [DEPL-13219] - Satellite is not responsive when a fatal error occurs during task execution
    • [DEPL-13220] - Hotfix/satellite-lib does not work (prevents hotfixes to satellite)
    • [DEPL-13229] - XL Deploy startup no longer asks to generate a password encryption key
    • [DEPL-13234] - JCR to SQL Migrator throws Data truncation: Data too long for column 'file_uri' at row 1
    • [DEPL-13235] - CI references duplicated or mixed when duplicating application
    • [DEPL-13268] - /logout org.springframework.jdbc.BadSqlGrammarException: PreparedStatementCallback; bad SQL grammar [delete from "PERSISTENT_LOGINS" where "username" = ?]; nested exception is java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

    XL Deploy 8.0.0

    XL Deploy 8.0.0 is a long-term support (LTS) version that will be supported for a year after it is superseded by the next major LTS release. For more information, refer to Short-term support/Long-term support policy. For more information, refer to Short-term support/Long-term support policy.

    XL Deploy 8.0.0 new features

    Added the application summary screen

    With XL Deploy version 8.0.0, you can now view a rich set of information about an application, the deployment pipeline tile, and the latest deployments tile in the application summary screen. This is the first phase of a larger initiative to start treating key configuration items like application, environment, infrastructure, dictionaries and satellites as first-class citizens in the UI. For more information, see View the application summary screen.

    Migrated data storage to an SQL database

    As of XL Deploy version 8.0.0, the XL Deploy data and user supplied artifacts, such as scripts or deployment packages are no longer stored as part of the Jackrabbit (JCR) repository and are offloaded into a separate SQL database. The purpose of this change is to improve the overall performance and to remove the JCR repository. For more information, refer to Migrate XL Deploy data storage to an SQL database.

    Deprecated legacy Flash-based UI

    As of XL Deploy 8.0.0, the legacy Flash-based UI is deprecated and is no longer provided with XL Deploy. In this version, all major functionality that was supported in the legacy UI is available in the HTML-based UI. If you require access to the legacy UI in XL Deploy 8.0.0, please contact our Support Team for assistance.

    Added new filter options in Task Monitor

    In the Task Monitor of XL Deploy you can view a list of all the deployment tasks. In XL Deploy version 8.0.0, multiple filter options were added to the list of tasks. For more information, see Using the Task Monitor.

    Added package as code feature

    As of XL Deploy version 8.0.0, you can use the package-as-code feature to describe the content of a deployment or provisioning package in a Deployfile that can be stored in source control with your infrastructure definitions, environment definitions, and the application source code. For more information, see Package as code using Deployfile.

    Note: The Package as Code feature is being released as a technical preview in XL Deploy 8.0.0. The technical preview has a known limitation that may prevent you from applying the same Deployfile multiple times. A subsequent release of XL Deploy will remove this limitation and include other feature improvements. We’d like to hear from you! If you have feedback on this feature, please contact our Support Team.

    XL Deploy 8.0.0 upgrade notes

    Removed support for server.mapping.override.deployed.fields.on.update=true

    The default shell used in OS scripts is now configurable

    If you want to set a global default property to be applied to CI host types, you can configure it in the file. The default value for the new property is not set and no external shell will be used. In this case XL Deploy uses the standard behavior for remote script execution.

    You can change the shell property in the and specify a default shell you want to use for all your CI host types. XL Deploy copies the specified script and then runs it by calling shell./script.

    You can also override this setting for specific host types such as,, or in the file.

    The shell property is hidden and you can override the type by unhiding the property in the synthetic.xml file for your specific host type. For more information, refer to Customize an existing CI type.

    Data size limitations

    As of version 8.0.0, XL Deploy uses an SQL schema with strict bounds on the size of data items that can be entered. Some of these limitations are:

    • The maximum length of ConfigurationItem.path is set to 850 characters
    • The maximum length of is set to 255 characters

    Other fields have a maximum length of 255 characters:

    • Role names and principal (user) names.
    • (impacts plugin development)
    • (impacts plugin development)
    • (in case of MAP_STRING_STRING type properties)
    • SourceArtifact.checksum
    • SourceArtifact.fileUri
    • Dictionary.key

    Important: For the property values of STRING, SET_OF_STRING, LIST_OF_STRING, MAP_STRING_STRING, and dictionaries, the type of the columns that hold these values is MEDIUMTEXT. This type has size limitations depending on the type and configuration of your database.

    If errors occur:

    Change in repository search API

    The following properties have been removed from the repository search API:

    • textSearchQueries
    • orPropertiesExpression The 'properties' property can now only be used to filter by value on STRING and ENUM type properties. If a plugin is using any if the removed properties, it will need to be re-implemented.

    Deployfile groovy scripts: type checking during compilation

    The Deployfile API allows you to execute groovy scripts on the server. This feature is intended to script repository changes. Allowing users to execute scripts makes the system more vulnerable. To mitigate these security issues, the scripts are executed in a Sandbox. To improve the restrictions imposed by this sandbox, the Deployfile scripts are type checked during compilation. This means that some constructs are no longer allowed in a Deployfile. As of version 8.0.0, undeclared variables cannot be used, all variables must be declared. This restriction does not apply to properties on CIs.

    Contact XebiaLabs Support if you have hotfixes

    If you have hotfixes installed, contact the XebiaLabs support team before upgrading.

    XL Deploy 8.0.0 release notes

    New features

    • [DEPL-11006] - Allow properties of map_string_string to be addressed in contextual placeholders
    • [DEPL-11072] - Allow user to filter the Task Monitor view in Deployment Tasks
    • [DEPL-11093] - Support maintenance mode
    • [DEPL-11683] - Allow searching the full CI ID - back-end only
    • [DEPL-12560] - Allow templates to be attached to any deployable
    • [DEPL-12689] - Fail task steps after a configurable timeout
    • [DEPL-12718] - Deploy to default environment if none specified in Deployfile
    • [DEPL-12748] - Implement Color-Blind Patterns in Reporting Dashboard
    • [DEPL-12749] - Consistent Color Usage (Cross Product)
    • [DEPL-12750] - Login Screen Cross Product Consistency
    • [DEPL-12770] - Updates styling for top navigation
    • [DEPL-12793] - Create Application Summary screen
    • [DEPL-12794] - Create Pipeline Tile
    • [DEPL-12795] - Implement Latest Deployments Tile
    • [DEPL-12863] - Support specifying deploy(to="myenv")
    • [DEPL-12864] - Support specifying deploy(to="myenv") to env outside deployfile
    • [DEPL-12898] - DSL: Ability to Specify Folder for Application
    • [DEPL-12951] - Small improvements for tabs
    • [DEPL-12964] - Enhancements for Log-in screen
    • [DEPL-12966] - Top navigation colors update
    • [DEPL-12982] - Tile for Environments on which the Application is Installed
    • [DEPL-12987] - Support using file-based keys and certificates in Deployfile
    • [DEPL-13007] - Add Refresh button to Situational awareness screens
    • [DEPL-13059] - Change green color tints


    • [DEPL-11747] - Add searchability to the Deployment Workspace
    • [DEPL-12814] - Select Environment/Package Screen Needs to Scale Better
    • [DEPL-12866] - Change default shell being used in OS scripts to be globally configurable
    • [DEPL-12867] - Dates should be displayed or entered according to user preference
    • [DEPL-12950] - Improvements for Map String-String component
    • [DEPL-13003] - Hide "Compare with previous version" for CIs under "Applications" root
    • [DEPL-13047] - Add auto focus to login screen

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-10813] - Generic plugin does not sanitise envVars
    • [DEPL-12111] - Some CI types do not use the correct icon
    • [DEPL-12536] - REST API: Repository CI PUT gives stale response when CI contains child CI
    • [DEPL-12542] - Cannot store value in output property of kind map_string_string from jython step
    • [DEPL-12543] - Queue Destination dropdown shows no results in HTML UI when setting an embedded CI on the deployment mapping
    • [DEPL-12552] - Passwords should be starred out in Audit Logs
    • [DEPL-12726] - /server/shutdown API in XL Deploy 7.5.0 does not terminate the process
    • [DEPL-12761] - WinRM over HTTPS ignores changes to overthere.CifsHost.winrmTimeout and overthere.SmbHost.winrmTimeout
    • [DEPL-12824] - Satellite - Aborting/Cancelling of Hung Task doesn't work
    • [DEPL-12829] - REST output differs with Accept application/json vs. application/xml
    • [DEPL-12871] - "Wrong credentials" message is not shown anymore on a login screen.
    • [DEPL-12875] - Server error 'String index out of range: -1'
    • [DEPL-12886] - One of the cases how to break CI dip view
    • [DEPL-12908] - Dip view gets completely messed up if you adding ci with very long name to LIST_OF_CIs
    • [DEPL-12917] - Unable to Export Packages
    • [DEPL-12952] - Passwords are seen in plain text when creating SSH hosts from Groovy File
    • [DEPL-12953] - Placeholders in .war file are not properly scanned
    • [DEPL-12965] - Remove .rtf file from Importable Packages
    • [DEPL-12973] - Cache problems of CI icons
    • [DEPL-12984] - SemVer Dependency Resolution not working correctly
    • [DEPL-12995] - Deployment which use different orchestrators keeps failing
    • [DEPL-13015] - Placeholders intermittently being corrupted when scanned at import time
    • [DEPL-13020] - Very long app / env names are cropped on select env/app pages
    • [DEPL-13041] - Unchecking Optimize causes UI Error with Deployment Preview
    • [DEPL-13044] - Satellite doesn't start when there are recoverable tasks that involve non-satellite blocks
    • [DEPL-13056] - Providing a default value for any array type, as SET_OF_STRING or LIST_OF_STRING is breaking the DIP view
    • [DEPL-13098] - Using REST API a user can view reports of tasks run by other users.
    • [DEPL-13106] - Composite package dragging on the deployment window doesn't work
    • [DEPL-13111] - Dictionary keys with ' in them cause syntax errors in generated DSL
    • [DEPL-13113] - NullPointer applying DSL using old CLI
    • [DEPL-13129] - Change menu option to 'Generate +example+ Deployfile'
    • [DEPL-13141] - SockJsMessageDeliveryException unduly logged
    • [DEPL-13150] - When accessing a file type CI which has been created by duplicating a package, an error toaster is thrown.
    • [DEPL-13155] - Cannot search on properties (used for websphere plugin)
    • [DEPL-13161] - Dictionary entry with string-interpolated value silently ignored
    • [DEPL-13169] - Control tasks are missing on root nodes
    • [DEPL-13188] - Log history migration issues at WARN level and change documentation
    • [DEPL-13189] - Sandbox the DSL
    • [DEPL-13190] - Tighten security manager