Release Manual

    Upgrade instructions

    For upgrade instructions, refer to Upgrade XL Deploy.

    Important: If you plan to skip versions when you upgrade, ensure that you read the version-specific upgrade notes for each intermediate version. You may be required to perform manual actions as part of the upgrade.

    XL Deploy 5.5.10

    XL Deploy 5.5.10 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-10388] - Common folder in database plugin does not work
    • [DEPL-11699] - udm.Application CI type can be changed to udm.DeploymentPackage using the REST API
    • [DEPL-11784] - Script interpolates password string with $ character
    • [DEPL-9442] - lastModifiedAfter is ignored in GET /repository/query REST call

    XL Deploy 5.5.9

    XL Deploy 5.5.9 release notes

    New features

    • [DEPL-10746] - Support import of packages from URL behind a proxy


    • [DEPL-11060] - Upgrade service wrapper to yajsw-stable-12.08

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-10773] - TaskNotFound error occurs while cancelling a task
    • [DEPL-10797] - XXE vulnerability in importing packages
    • [DEPL-10811] - Overthere causes slow communication over SSH when using JumpStation
    • [DEPL-10846] - Overthere returns exception when PEM file is specified
    • [DEPL-10902] - Large deployment via satellite occasionally returns KryoException related to buffer overflow
    • [DEPL-10987] - "Register deployeds" step can be skipped, resulting in repository that is not updated
    • [DEPL-9246] - Artifact is uploaded twice in target host when using satellite
    • [DEPL-9433] - Service wrapper occasionally fails to start XL Deploy server on Unix
    • [DEPL-9492] - Performing an update deployment to a shared library or virtual host after CIs have been re-discovered results in NullPointerException
    • [DEPL-9647] - NOOP Deltas not present in DeltaSpecification for rollbacks
    • [DEPL-9711] - Service wrapper includes Apache Commons Collection library

    XL Deploy 5.5.7

    XL Deploy 5.5.7 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-10339] - Unrecoverable task on satellite can result in hanging XL Deploy task execution
    • [DEPL-10341] - XL Deploy server hangs when task running on satellite fails
    • [DEPL-10342] - Cannot cancel a task with satellite that failed while checking extension on satellite
    • [DEPL-10588] - Cannot set satellite CI properties through Jython API
    • [DEPL-10589] - java.lang.ClassCastException occurs when using getDeployedApplication() method in a pre-plan rule
    • [DEPL-10737] - Overthere causes slow communication over SSH
    • [DEPL-9339] - file.Folder or generic.Folder cannot be imported if the name of the CI ends with .zip
    • [DEPL-9870] - Cannot export CI with CLI by using repository.exportCisAndWait method

    XL Deploy 5.5.7 upgrade notes

    Known issues

    In XL Deploy 5.5.7, deployment and undeployment plans that involve satellites show an empty step block called "Step block" near the end of the plan. This is a cosmetic bug that does not affect the execution of the plan. It will be fixed in a future maintenance release.

    XL Deploy 5.5.6

    XL Deploy 5.5.6 release notes

    New features

    • [DEPL-10110] - Implement SMB support in XL Deploy
    • [DEPL-10124] - Implement SMB support in Overthere
    • [DEPL-10315] - Enable Stop button to work when executing a retry step

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-10088] - XL Deploy hangs when transferring files to a satellite
    • [DEPL-10191] - Java process is not stopped after deploying to WebLogic with satellite
    • [DEPL-10220] - When updating an application, XL Deploy updates deployables that have not changed
    • [DEPL-10344] - Update deployments do not pick up changed dictionary values
    • [DEPL-10351] - Unresolved property placeholders are no longer left as-is
    • [DEPL-10532] - Daemon is not stopped after deploying to WebSphere with satellite
    • [DEPL-10680] - Importing and deploying a package containing a ZIP file using Maven changes the permissions of files in the ZIP to 0000
    • [DEPL-9770] - Reloading xl-rules.xml results in java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
    • [DEPL-9879] - Cannot abort a task that uses a satellite
    • [DEPL-9947] - When user cancels a failed task, it is not removed from the GUI

    XL Deploy 5.5.6 upgrade notes

    New support for the SMB protocol

    XL Deploy now supports the SMB network file sharing protocol through the Overthere framework. The SMB protocol provides better performance than the CIFS protocol when connecting to Microsoft Windows hosts.

    XL Deploy 5.5.5

    XL Deploy 5.5.5 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-10027] - Cannot use database plugin with satellite
    • [DEPL-10046] - Scrollbar is not moved to the bottom of a Roles view component when user clicks the "+" button
    • [DEPL-7244] - Locating and clicking on tasks is often difficult in the Task Monitor
    • [DEPL-9982] - Remove "by XebiaLabs" from XL Deploy title bar

    XL Deploy 5.5.3

    XL Deploy 5.5.3 release notes


    • [DEPL-9755] - Improve performance of calculating application dependencies

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-6265] - Scrollbar is not moved to the bottom of a MAP_STRING_STRING component when user clicks the "+" button
    • [DEPL-7950] - Uploading an artifact can result in "Idle timeout expired: 30000/30000 ms" exception
    • [DEPL-8887] - Incorrect log messages for step descriptions in deployit.log
    • [DEPL-9381] - Task recovery fails if a task with staging is canceled
    • [DEPL-9399] - Deployment fails if artifact resolver cannot find an artifact file, even if the file is not needed
    • [DEPL-9774] - Cannot perform an update because XL Deploy does not recognize that the application is deployed
    • [DEPL-9856] - Opening a dictionary that contains long values takes too much time
    • [DEPL-9880] - rerunCommand option in cmd.DeployedCommand does not work
    • [DEPL-9885] - WINRM_NATIVE connections cannot be established if password contains special characters
    • [DEPL-9944] - Executing many tasks concurrently may result in tasks being lost from the system when they start archiving
    • [DEPL-9988] - Tasks in satellite stop responding when network is down
    • [DEPL-10003] - Deploy file.Folder via sftp merges same named subfolder with parent

    XL Deploy 5.5.3 upgrade notes

    Allow XL Deploy to ignore missing artifacts

    XL Deploy allows you to add externally stored artifacts to deployment packages using an HTTP or HTTPS reference. If a reference returns a 404 error when XL Deploy tries to look up the artifact, you can now configure XL Deploy to allow the deployment to continue anyway.

    XL Deploy 5.5.1

    XL Deploy 5.5.1 release notes


    • [DEPL-9348] - Make property-resolving behavior of deployeds configurable

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-9136] - Exiting CLI causes the terminal to hang
    • [DEPL-9731] - Deploying in the GUI shows incorrect task state
    • [DEPL-9748] - Importing a package from the server does not indicate when import succeeds
    • [DEPL-9749] - Create package wizard does not show required fields
    • [DEPL-9765] - Using a UI extension returned a 500 error
    • [DEPL-9770] - Reloading xl-rules.xml results in java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
    • [DEPL-9792] - Placeholders are not detected in Puppet manifest artifact
    • [DEPL-9850] - Importing a blueprint does not indicate when import succeeds

    XL Deploy 5.5.0

    XL Deploy 5.5.0 release notes

    New features

    • [DEPL-9738] - Introduce Unified Provisioning Model
    • [DEPL-8705] - Create a step that resolves the bound templates of a provisioned
    • [DEPL-8706] - Create a step that creates a new environment from a blueprint
    • [DEPL-8707] - Add create-ci step primitive
    • [DEPL-8757] - Add delete-ci step primitive
    • [DEPL-8712] - Allow users to enter required placeholders for provisioning plan
    • [DEPL-8718] - Allow a user to define step macros
    • [DEPL-8721] - Allow multiple provisioneds to be created based on a single provisionable
    • [DEPL-8979] - Allow user to skip or unskip a step during provisioning execution
    • [DEPL-8980] - Allow user to insert a pause in a provisioning plan
    • [DEPL-8988] - Support starting a provisioning from context menu under Blueprints on Provisioning screen
    • [DEPL-8989] - Support starting a provisioning from context menu under Provisioning Environments on Provisioning screen
    • [DEPL-8990] - Refresh the Blueprints and Provisioning Environments trees on Provisioning screen
    • [DEPL-8992] - Allow user to edit provisioning properties
    • [DEPL-8993] - Validate a provisioning plan
    • [DEPL-8997] - Show preview of provisioning plan
    • [DEPL-8999] - Map all provisionables
    • [DEPL-9000] - Map single provisionable
    • [DEPL-9001] - Remove selected provisioned
    • [DEPL-9002] - Remove single provisioned
    • [DEPL-9005] - Support rollback of provisioning
    • [DEPL-9006] - Support stopping an executing provisioning plan
    • [DEPL-9007] - Support cancelling a provisioning plan
    • [DEPL-9009] - Show relationship between portionable and provisioneds on the Deployment Mapping screen
    • [DEPL-9010] - Show step logs for running provisioning steps
    • [DEPL-9012] - Support aborting a running provisioning
    • [DEPL-9013] - Allow user to return to the mapping screen from the provisioning execution screen
    • [DEPL-9028] - Show status of blocks and steps during provisioning execution
    • [DEPL-9074] - Execute a provisioning plan immediately
    • [DEPL-9454] - Implement provisioning step orders
    • [DEPL-9457] - Allow a blueprint to be provisioned multiple times without any placeholders
    • [DEPL-9597] - Import and export provisioning packages in the CLI
    • [DEPL-9609] - Support generation of CI IDs from provisioning
    • [DEPL-9643] - Support orchestrators for provisioning
    • [DEPL-9709] - Perform permissions checks when doing provisioning
    Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) support
    • [DEPL-8699] - Support provisioning an EC2 instance
    • [DEPL-8756] - Support deprovisioning an EC2 instance
    • [DEPL-8942] - Support synthetic.xml for EC2 plugin
    Puppet support
    • [DEPL-9255] - Allow user to run Puppet on a machine
    • [DEPL-8716] - Support Puppet manifests and applied manifests
    • [DEPL-8717] - Allow users to define an apply-puppet macro
    • [DEPL-9284] - Add support for Puppet modules
    Other features
    • [DEPL-7792] - Support rollback flag in FreeMarker templates
    • [DEPL-9023] - Add support for EmbeddedDeployedArtifact and EmbeddedDeployableArtifact
    • [DEPL-8753] - Support passing a CI as an argument for a step parameter
    • [DEPL-8779] - Allow ID or properties of a CI step parameter to be defined as an expression


    • [DEPL-8430] - Upgrade Overthere library to version 4.0.1
    • [DEPL-8762] - Allow user to configure the timeout used when uploading files during satellite plugin synchronization
    • [DEPL-8862] - Initialize the Jython script engine on boot to prevent delays when first script is executed
    • [DEPL-8894] - Document satellite restart process for custom scripts used to run satellite as a service
    • [DEPL-9083] - Upgrade commons-collections to the latest version
    • [DEPL-9091] - Increase default XL Deploy startup timeout for service wrapper
    • [DEPL-9094] - When importing a package, validate security roles that are set on udm.Version
    • [DEPL-9097] - Ignore 'transient' properties when doing delta calculation
    • [DEPL-9238] - Ensure that tasks enter a QUEUED state after they are started
    • [DEPL-9366] - Make auto-mapping for initial and update deployments configurable
    • [DEPL-9409] - Prevent error when selecting existing container in environment wizard
    • [DEPL-9613] - Add support for HTTP proxies when executing remote scripts
    • [PLAT-364] - Add support for HTTP and SOCKS proxies to Overthere

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-3834] - User names and passwords with special characters cause Database plugin to fail
    • [DEPL-6152] - Server-side Jython call to deploymentService.createTask(deployment) results in NullPointerException
    • [DEPL-6706] - Colors are reversed in pie chart in status overview
    • [DEPL-8493] - Failed control tasks cannot be archived in XL Deploy on Windows
    • [DEPL-8592] - Artifact and script are uploaded to different directories when the Generic plugin is used
    • [DEPL-8619] - Deployment occasionally fails with "Cannot mkdir local:work/..." error message
    • [DEPL-8629] - Opening the About screen returns a "The partial must not be null" error
    • [DEPL-8742] - Package import wizard fails with a 404 error if XL Deploy uses a custom context root
    • [DEPL-8863] - Repository updates are not fully completed when cancelling a task
    • [DEPL-8864] - Creating a CI with an artifact in the repository occasionally results in a DeployitException
    • [DEPL-8865] - Purge tasks occasionally fail to export tasks to a ZIP file
    • [DEPL-8867] - repository.exportCisAndWait and repository.importCisAndWait fail if XL Deploy uses a custom context root
    • [DEPL-8878] - The contents of a file containing placeholders are partially duplicated after the file is copied to the target machine
    • [DEPL-8883] - XL Deploy returns PlaceholderScanningFailedException when importing a file containing placeholders
    • [DEPL-8891] - It is not possible to create dependencies on deployment packages with names containing letters or hyphens
    • [DEPL-8892] - When using WebSphere plugin, sync node steps are not added to the deployment plan
    • [DEPL-8899] - Work folder consumes a large amount of disk space while deploying large artifacts
    • [DEPL-8941] - Renaming a deployed causes all other deployeds mapped from the same deployable to be removed
    • [DEPL-9051] - XL Scale does not work with Java 8
    • [DEPL-9052] - Syncing plugins on satellite fails with "ERROR - actor name [ac5052b9-f232-4352-8976-da47c34e3ebe] is not unique!"
    • [DEPL-9060] - Some commands on localhost fail in Windows
    • [DEPL-9129] - Rollback fails for deployments with parallel orchestrator
    • [DEPL-9145] - sequential-by-loadbalancer-group orchestrator does not work in combination with sequential-by-composite-package orchestrator
    • [DEPL-9153] - Compatibility issues with plugins during deployment with a NoSuchMethodError message
    • [DEPL-9197] - Task might not be recovered after restart when running XL Deploy on Java 8
    • [DEPL-9253] - In environment wizard, drop-down list is transparent and some labels are not aligned
    • [DEPL-9411] - Using Jython/Python API may cause password leak

    XL Deploy 5.5.0 upgrade notes

    Provision environments with XL Deploy

    The new provisioning feature allows you to provide fully automated, on-demand access to your public, private, or hybrid cloud-based environments. With provisioning, you can:

    • Create an environment in a single action
    • Track and audit environments that are created through XL Deploy
    • Deprovision environments created through XL Deploy
    • Extend XL Deploy to create environments using technologies not supported by default

    For information about using this feature, refer to Provisioning through XL Deploy.

    Use the provided logback.xml file

    Ensure that you use the XLDEPLOY_HOME/conf/logback.xml file that is provided with XL Deploy 5.5.0. Otherwise, if you are using a custom XLDEPLOY_HOME/conf/logback.xml file, add the following XML element under the configuration element:

    <!-- removing this listener may cause performance issues-->
    <contextListener class="ch.qos.logback.classic.jul.LevelChangePropagator">

    Upgrade Java version

    Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 8 is required for XL Deploy 5.5.0. Java 7 is not supported.

    Upgrade WebLogic and OSB plugins

    If you are using the Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS) or Oracle Service Bus (OSB) plugin, you must upgrade it for use with XL Deploy 5.5.0. You can download the 5.5.0 versions of the plugins at the XebiaLabs Software Distribution site.

    Contact XebiaLabs Support if you have hotfixes

    Before upgrading, check whether there are any hotfixes installed in the XL Deploy hotfix directory. If hotfixes are installed, contact the XebiaLabs support team before upgrading.

    Known issues

    In XL Deploy 5.5.0, previewing a step in a deployment plan fails with an error indicating that a file does not exist. This is a known issue that will be fixed in the next XL Deploy maintenance release.