Provision Puppet Plugin Reference

    The XL Deploy Provision Puppet plugin enables XL Deploy to provision an environment using Puppet.

    This document contains information that is specific to this version of the Provision Puppet plugin. For information about:

    Important: In XL Deploy 6.0.2 and later, the functionality of the Provision Puppet plugin is provided by the XL Deploy Puppet plugin.


    • XL Deploy 5.5.0 or later
    • XL Deploy Provisioning plugin 1.0.0 or later
    • Puppet must be installed on the target machine

    CI Reference

    Configuration Item Overview

    Other Configuration Items

    CI Description
    puppet.provisioner.AppliedManifest Steps defined as part of a Puppet manifest
    puppet.provisioner.Manifest Instance of a Puppet manifest
    puppet.provisioner.Module Puppet module to install
    puppet.provisioner.ModuleSpec Specification for a Puppet module

    Configuration Item Details


    Type Hierarchy upm.AppliedProvisioner >> udm.EmbeddedDeployedArtifact >> udm.BaseEmbeddedDeployed >> udm.BaseConfigurationItem
    Interfaces udm.DerivedArtifact, udm.EmbeddedDeployedContainer, udm.EmbeddedDeployed, udm.Artifact, udm.ConfigurationItem

    Steps defined as part of a Puppet manifest.

    container : CI<udm.EmbeddedDeployedContainer>
    The (embedded) deployed which contains this embedded deployed.
    modules : SET_OF_CI<puppet.provisioner.Module >
    Public Properties
    deployable : CI<udm.EmbeddedDeployable>
    The embedded deployable that this embedded deployed is derived from.
    placeholders : MAP_STRING_STRING
    A Map containing all the placeholders mapped to their values. Special values are <ignore> or <empty>


    Type Hierarchy upm.Provisioner >> udm.EmbeddedDeployableArtifact >> udm.BaseEmbeddedDeployable >> udm.BaseConfigurationItem
    Interfaces udm.SourceArtifact, udm.EmbeddedDeployable, udm.Artifact, udm.ConfigurationItem

    Instance of a Puppet manifest.

    modules : SET_OF_CI<puppet.provisioner.ModuleSpec >
    Public Properties
    hostTemplate : CI<upm.Template>
    Host template on which provisioning actions will be executed.
    checksum : STRING
    The checksum used to detect differences on the artifact. If not provided, it will be calculated by XL Deploy.
    excludeFileNamesRegex : STRING
    Regular expression that matches file names that must be excluded from scanning
    fileUri : STRING
    The URI pointing to the (remote) location of the file this artifact represents
    placeholders : SET_OF_STRING
    Placeholders detected in this artifact
    scanPlaceholders : BOOLEAN  = true
    Whether to scan this artifact for placeholders when it is imported
    Hidden Properties
    textFileNamesRegex : STRING  = .+\.pp
    Regular expression that matches file names of text files
    delimiters : STRING  = {{ }}
    The delimiters used indicate placeholders, defaults to '{{ }}'. This is a 5 character string with a space in the middle, the first two are the leading delimiter, the last two are the closing delimiter
    fileEncodings : MAP_STRING_STRING  = {.+\.properties=ISO-8859-1}
    A map that maps regular expressions matching the full path of file(s) in the artifact to character set encodings


    Type Hierarchy upm.BaseEmbeddedProvisioned >> udm.BaseConfigurationItem
    Interfaces udm.EmbeddedDeployedContainer, udm.EmbeddedDeployed, udm.ConfigurationItem

    Puppet module to install.

    provisioned : CI<udm.EmbeddedDeployedContainer>
    The provider on which this provisioned runs.
    Public Properties
    moduleName : STRING
    Name of the module to install. This is not required if the name of the ModuleSpec CI is the same as the name of the module.
    provisionable : CI<udm.EmbeddedDeployable>
    The provisionable from which this provisioned is derived.


    Type Hierarchy upm.BaseEmbeddedProvisionable >> udm.BaseConfigurationItem
    Interfaces udm.EmbeddedDeployable, udm.ConfigurationItem

    Specification for a Puppet module.

    Public Properties
    moduleName : STRING
    Name of the module to install. This is not required if the name of the ModuleSpec CI is the same as the name of the module. (string)